African Christian Fellowship, Minnesota
Easter Retreat



  • The retreat is designed to be a time of fellowship, prayer and renewal.
  • We will reflect on the person and mission of Jesus Christ, and his redeeming love for "Whosoever Wills".
  • We'll have a wonderful time of fellowship with others,
  • We'll enjoy a time of group bible study, and
  • We'll have lots of time for personal reflection.


  • You're in for an incredible time of worship.
  • Saturday night is an especially powerful experience.
  • Praise, Worship, Testimonies, and Prayer usher in an awesome presence of God with a great outpouring of anointing.

Team Work
The Lake Wapogasset Bible camp is made available for our use during the Easter weekend at a very minimal cost.

  • We do our own setup, cooking, and cleanup.
  • This is truly a family retreat. That means that everyone gets to participate in the chores.
  • You will be scheduled to cook, clean, wash dishes, mop the floor, etc. In return we get to use the camp for two nights at minimal cost.
2017 Elections: Dec. 8, 2017